The Deli LA Premieres: Vákoum unveils ethereal new track “Breathing Through A Straw"

Traces of haunting synths, dreamy vocals, and an overall cosmic build, wrap up the electronic slow jam “Breathing Through A Straw” from San Diego via New York City duo Vákoum. Comprised of multi-instrumentalists Natalia Padilla and Kelli Rudick, the stargaze artists continue their sensory projection through loops and sonic deconstruction with their latest single. Setting the scene with a hypnotic introduction, Vákoum’s persistent long build creates a lightweight and abstract quality to the track’s tone. As the spacy sounds begin to unravel, a fuller electronic pulse is heard, providing a stable platform for a flow of vocals. Naturally teaming from Padilla and Rudick’s fusion of analog and digital qualities, “Breathing Through A Straw” becomes the duo’s most refined track yet.

Vákoum is set to release their debut album, Home to Home, on February 15th. Catch them on February 7th at The Hideout in San Diego. - Janette Ayub